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Ranking of Tourist Accommodations

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LETRINA S.A., as a purely Greek company, it consistently stands by Entrepreneurs based in Greece, combining simplicity and immediacy with valid and quality services, now also in the field of ranking audits for tourist accommodations.


The new ranking system for tourist entreprises, according to Law 4276/30.7.2014 and the relevant legislative framework(*), gives further emphasis on the quality of the offered services, following European and international assessment standards. Every business, depending on the provided services, qualifies for "points", whose number determines the final ranking in stars / keys. The Ranking Certificate is issued by the HCH (Hellenic Chamber of Hotels) based on a Technical Report submitted by Certification Bodies, similar to our company, Accredited by ESYD (Greek National Accreditation System) for performing audits and inspections for the ranking of tourist accommodations in categories of stars and keys in accordance to the International Standard ISO 17065.


The network of thoroughly trained and qualified inspectors of LETRINA S.A. offers added value to our services, which are recognised for their reliability and prestige and include certifications in a wide range of business sectors.


The provision of integrated services in accommodation ranking audits and management system certifications by LETRINA S.A. offers a unique competitive advantage to tourist enterprises.



(*)The legislative framework includes:

  • Y.A. 21185/2014 (FEK 2840/Β/22.10.2014)
  • Y.A. 216/2015 (FEK 10/Β/09.01.2015)
  • Y.A. 219/2015 (FEK 14/Β/12.01.2015)
  • Y.A. 91/2015 (FEK 69/Β/16.01.2015)

All of the above can be found attached here.