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Cargo Inspection Services

Inspection, Superintendency and Cargo Consultancy in loading / discharging of:


  • Textiles
  • Foodstuff (i.e. grains, flour, edible oils, agriculrtural products, etc.)
  • Coal and coke, mineral ores, fertilizers and general bulk cargoes
  • Crude oil, petroleum products, LPG/LNG, petrochemicals and lubricants
  • Marble (finished or unfinished)
  • Scrap


Draft Surveys – Suitability and Cleanliness Inspections

Pre-shipment Inspection of packing / protection of merchandise – Stowage

Sampling and Testing – Quality Analysis Witnessing

On-hire / Off-hire Surveys – Bunker Surveys

Superintendency of trans-shipment operations

Ship / Shore Quality Ascertainment


  • Shore Tanks Measurements
  • Complete Shore Loading Systems Inspections


Shore Tanks Calibrations

Damage Surveys – Damage Appraisals – Claims Handling